You will have 20 minutes with each reader (or readers). Just be yourself: Be honest and open, and talk and listen carefully.
Please prepare yourself for your role as a Book; be ready to share your personal experiences, but if questions become too personal, feel free to decline to answer.
As your reader(s) borrowed your Book specifically for your topic, please try to limit your story to that topic. Additional information about yourself should be offered only for illustration.
Every reader borrowing you will be different, and the reason for choosing your Book can vary greatly. A good question to start the discussion is “Why did you choose my Book?” This will give you a first impression of the reader’s interest.
If by chance you encounter a difficult reader, try to remain calm and show understanding, while expressing your disagreement where necessary. Try to move the discussion on to a less controversial area. If you feel uneasy with a reader, you have every right to end the discussion.
Enjoy being a Book!

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